Ways of entertaining yourself | Bye Bye Loneliness

There is a time when you’re alone at your home and have no freaking idea what to do, that boredom is a thing that irritates you. Many things do roam in your mind you have idea what you want to do. So no worries cause I’m gonna tell you what things you can do to make amuse and entertain yourself.

Fortunately, we live in the entertainment generation with so many options to keep us interested. From activities that awaken your mind to options that boost your dopamine, you won’t have useless time to waste in just sitting around in corner.

Painting or coloring books:

As an adult we have seen and experienced than our childhood but still we don’t know what to do in our free time but little ourselves exactly knew what to do in their spare time, ahh those were the days! You can make sketches and can fill colors in them as you ought to do in your little self.

You can also buy pre-draw books from books store and then put colours in it. This wil cause in your brain to secret Dopamine, and make you feel ecstatic and happy. Also it will make you go nostalgic. These are some of the ways to entertain yourself.

Making/cooking food:

Food is thing who doesn’t like? so you can cook food and can try new recipes from internet and also cooking books from books store are also available. Do make food and whatever you like. It is scientifically proven that eating our fav food make us dreamy/delight.

Watching movies and other stuff:

Movies are thing that broaden our mind, there are plenty of movies that are not entertaining but also a gain for our knowledge. If you’re not that knowledge stuff lover like me then you watch comedy movies and series/season. Entertainment providers has did a great job by gifting us with the entertainment stuff. Yes you can comedy stuff of your favourite celebrity/actor or any public figure crush you have. There is a popular season/series from the 90s called FRIENDS you may already heard of, you can watch that too, personally I love that and specially those Chandlers sarcastic jokes.

Have a TOUR of ANCIENT BUILDINDS by sitting in your home:

There are also some people who love to visiting museums, traveling to new places, and exploring new cultures visiting museums, traveling to new places, and exploring new cultures. But if you’re introvert and don’t wanna go physically so no problem cause you can have tours by way of online thing called Virtual. Given are the some places like: Louvre, The Smithsonian, and British Museum are among the museums that let you visit them virtually.

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