Tips and Tricks on WHATSAPP

WaPro- Mind blowing Tricks:

Here are some of amazing tricks on whatsapp which will increase your usage experience on whatsapp.

[1]Fantastic status saver

On this you can download your contacts status in high quality, photos/videos and other documents. Slow internet speed is not a hitch because it download them without any lagging.

View Status without anybody see your View.

You can see their status without being noticed for whatsapp, WAPro Status Saver – From here you will download the status and save it in your gallery. There is also another trick and that is, you can also see their status without going online.

[2]- Text Without Saving Mobile Number

This trick will go for both Messenger and Business Whatsapp. Some what happens is that you want to check someone photo on whatsapp, but it can only be done by go to your phone book and save their number and then you can check or see whoever that person is. But you don’t have do that process you can just check without storing their info (phone number), this is its specialty. So you don’t have to compromise on your privacy.

[3]- Bubble Chat feature

Not only it looks crazy from outside but it’s interface is also feature able. Yes! There are many inward Chat features that you’ll also love and can flex in front of your friends. You can go in dark or light mode depends on your choice, with also that you can change your chat’s background wallpaper.

There is a chat head function which basically that you can turn on from settings, its does is whenever somebody texts/messages you, the message will represent as a pop circle icon which kind of a cool thing. I just love that one specially.

[4]- Use your Whatsapp on more than one device:

Along with other features there is also another one called Whatsapp scan/linked device. It basically is that you can just grab your mobile and open the Whatsapp and go on 3 dots ( you’ll see infront of you) and there is Linked devices option you’ll se tap on it and scan it on the other device which may mobile/computer/laptop/macbook by go in their google chrome and search WHATSAPPWEB.COM.


It’s incredible whatsapp you must download it and have a look, dissimilar from the ordinary one but definitely must usage.>>>

NOTE: WaPro is not associated/linked with official Whatsapp company. Thank you.

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