Recover your Deleted photos/videos easily!

It might have happened to you that when you accidentally deleted your important data or yoloosedse it a long time ago, and you are worried how about to bring them back, then no Worries because here is an application through which you can bring and recover them back.


So I’m going to tell you how you recover them, you just have downto load th appli tion and then you can recover your old and deleted pictures and videos easily in one Go!

The name of the application is Dr Fone is the. useful ausefulhis task. If we see through the user’s eye then it has plenty of features and some of them are:

Pictures Recovery
Privately recover your deleted photos in one go!

Videos Recovery
Safely recover videos without data loss.

Audios Recovery
Recover music or recordings, which you did delete by mistake.

Files Recovery
Scan your phone to find deleted files and recover them.

WhatsApp Data Recovery
Recover WhatsApp messages deleted by senders, including chats, photos, audio, videos, and more.

Deleted data
Save all the files you deleted, so that you can recover or restore them at any time.

Developer Intro:

Wondershare is listed in global amongngers because of creative softits with 6 offices around the world and thousand plus skillful employees. 15 leading editing software like Fimora, Recoverit, MobileTrans, Dr. Fone are and, used in over 150 missedes worldwide and over 2 million users are actively using our products.


Sometimes when you without acknowledged deleted a photo or video from your mobile, or simply want to retrieve/bring it back easily a previously deleted to file, there are number of ways do a it. One of the most popular application is to useapplications. This software is an easy-to-use data recovery tool, which is compatible operating systems.

DiskDigger works by searches device memory. The software then shows a list of possible files, and you can choose which ones to recover. It is possible to retrieve photos in lower resolutions, and you can also recover video files from SD cards.

DiskDigger does not require any license for personal use, and it is available for download from the Play Store. It is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Recover data from SD/Memory card:

Loosing photos and videos from your smartphone, you can try to recover them. Fortunately, there are ways to retrieve lost photos from SD card.

Data recovery software will help you in recovering your photos from damaged SD cards. Also, this software can also recover files from crashed computer hard disks.

It is the easiest way. However, the process may require a full computer and a recovery toolkit installed on the device.

Retrieve from OneDrive:

Deleted photos and other important documents can easily be recovered from OneDrive. You’ve to scan your SD/memory card, retrieve the lost photos, and then saving them to a local folder.

This app will scan the SD to determine the size of the data stored on it. It may take up to 20 minutes. Then the app will display the image files in JPG format. User can choose which ones he/she wants to recover.


With other data recovering applications this one is also good solution to gain/earn our data back.

It has a clever algorithm to retrieve your deleted files. While it won’t restore the exact file you deleted, it will give you a good idea of what it can recover.

It works by scanning your phone for deleted files. Dumpster can bring back nearly all type photos, videos, audio, text documents, and apps.


I hope you have found this article useful and a gained in your knowledge.

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