Google Sheets pull data from another tab based on criteria

To make Google Sheets pull data from another tab based on criteria, you can use the QUERY function combined with the IMPORTRANGE function. Here’s the general process: In your destination tab, enter the following formula in a cell where you want the filtered data to appear: =QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“SPREADSHEET_URL”, “SOURCE_TAB_NAME!A:Z”), “SELECT * WHERE CRITERIA”) Replace “SPREADSHEET_URL” with … Read more

Quest app launcher and Keymapper

Introduction: Quest app launcher and Keymapper. In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality (VR), the Oculus Quest has become a popular choice for enthusiasts and gamers alike. With its untethered experience and the vast library of games and applications, the Quest offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in virtual worlds. To further enhance this … Read more

Apps like Albert 2023

Introduction: Albert app is a personal finance app that is used to manage our money make a budget for ourselves and save more efficiently. Nowadays apps like the Albert app are becoming more and more popular due to their rising demand among people. As we can see everybody in this fast-growing world is busy in … Read more