Free internet offer by Pakbuck 2022 | No Charges Free Internet

50 GB free internet from Pakbuck 2022

Internet is daily source of info and became a part of our daily tasks. No one can imagine what can happen without it. So in order to avail it you have to pay for it. Some of us can easily recharges but for some it becomes a hitch after every week. So now what to do? You don’t need to worry cause I’m going to provide you some free internet codes through which you will get free internet every day in huge quantity. You can get internet almost 50GB+ data everyday.

Free of Cost Internet for Jazz and warid users:

Jazz is known for its widely spread users all across the Pakistan, it is also Pakistan biggest and well-known Network. About 50 million are the customer and purchaser of Jazz. It gives its users relief by giving them internet packages in very low and economic rates. There is a code through which you will get data more than 40GB for free and that code is *117*9*3#. Dial the code and get free internet.

FREE internet offers for jazz customers:

By pressing *5555# and you will be subscribed for free of cost internet bundle offer.

The above given requires 0 chargers for its activation. And it lasts for two days. Dial the code and enjoy the free internet bundle.

Second one is *555#, which will provide you free internet and like the first one it also need no charges for its activation. This offer will remain activated for two days.

Free Facebook on Jazz Network:

This is free Facebook dialing code which Jazz does not want you to know *117*4#.

Free YouTube for Jazz users:

*117*87# is the code of free youtube for jazz customers, jazz is wildly known for giving free internet specially on social apps. Free youtube will be operated after you dial this code.

There is another one which also Free youtube *570#.

Free 4G data codes:

If your smartphone is willing for 3G/4G data then dial this code you’ll get free internet 100MBs only.

This offer is so elastic because you can get it by time and again. If error occurs you can taken out off it. And you will reactivate it again.

Press *674#

Sustainbility: 1 week

Jazz app Spoofs 2022 for free Data:

– Install the jazz world app

-Later enrollment you can enjoy free daily internet rewards that you can use except after 7Pm to 10PM.

-Jazz app rewards are an other source to get free MBs on daily basis.

FREE Internet for ZONG 2022:

Zong is second top network after Jazz and warid.

Zong Spoofs 2022 and Free Internet:

Zong (ek Naya Khawab)  you will be also provided with those tricks that will help you to enjoy free YouTube videos.


Put your old or 2 month not used Zong sim in you cell phone and then dial 2244#, or you can also empty text and then send it to 2244. You will enjoy 4000MBs free data.

Free WHATSAPP by Zong 2022:

 This requires low cost charges as compare to other networks.

Along 1 month validity press *247# for subscription.

Free 2GB by Zong on new SIM activation:

This offer is just for new users of zong network.

•Offer cost: 0 RS

•Expiry of offer: 3 days

DIAL*10# to subscribe the offer.

• Now enjoy with 2GB free data.

Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho):

Ufone which is heavily known for giving speedy and fastest internet. And like other networks it also willing to give free internet by dialing some of its secret internet codes.

*You can download ufone free net app from play-store. The free data spoof on ufone network is given below.

* Move to play store app.

* Install sky VPN application.

* Later press on sky VPN you will notice the upgrade key.

* Presa on upgrade key and later you will enjoy free limitless data.

Telenor (Kro Mumkin):

Telenor has a wide reach in almost 29 cities.

Free data application spoof 2022 by Telenor:

-Download Telenor application from play store.

– Create your account on it while entering your Telenor contact.

-Later the registration you will able to achieve 1GB data.

Press *300# and get free call.

Free Balance Tricks on Telenor:

In order to have free recharge press *900#.

To get free balance audit press *200#.


In this article we have told you about all networks for free internet 50GB data. Every network ufone, jazz/warid, zong and telenor etc. Internet is the demand of every mobile user, so dial these offers and amuse yourself.

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